Whats the best way for us to pay? 

All invoices and payments are automated, so you will be prompted when payment needs to be made. I accept all major payment types. 

What are your turnaround times like? 

Depending on the service you require and your project needs, turnaround times may vary. Please contact me to discuss further. 

How many revisions do we get? 

Revisions are unlimited within reason. You can then spend as long as you wish between revisions.  

Should all of my material be edited before sending? 

Edits (tuning, timing, etc) should already be completed and takes already selected (unless discussed prior) before sending.

What tracks should I include? Should I include one's I'm not sure about? 

Remove unused/superfluous tracks. If you don’t want it in the mix, please don’t include it.


Where should my multi-tracks start from?

All files must line up. Unless you're delivering an AAF, OMF or other session file, all files should start at 0:00.000 (aka "bar 1, beat 1") Session files from most DAWs can be imported, but proper labelling and clean-up are still necessary.

How should I label my tracks before sending to you? 

All tracks/files must be labelled. I cannot stress this enough. Names like "Audio1_03.5" are not helpful. If applicable, use names like "Synth high", "BV harmony low" and "Delay Guitar" instead of "Synth 1", "Vox 8", "Guitar 5". Files should be numbered. Tracks can be imported in order automatically. Use an order close to the following (I don't expect all of these tracks, the list is intended to cover most scenarios):


00 Rough or previous mix (essential!)

01 Kick In.wav

02 Kick Out.wav

03 Kick Sample.wav

05 Snare Bt.wav

04 Snare Top.wav

06 Snare Sample.wav

07 Hi-Hats.wav

08 Rack T1.wav

09 Rack T2.wav

10 Rack T3.wav

11 Floor T1.wav

12 Floor T2.wav

13 OH L.wav

14 OH R.wav (stereo file preferred, see below)

15 Bass DI.wav

16 Bass Amp.wav

17 Rhy G1 L .wav

18 Rhy G1 R.wav

19 Rhy G2 L .wav

20 Rhy G2 R.wav

21 Lead GTR .wav

22 Synths 1

23 Synths 2

24 Vox

25 Bv's


If there are multiple tracks for one instrument how should I order them?

If there are multiple parts (guitar, synth, keys, etc), I prefer them in order of whichever is heard first.

Should I send you stereo of mono files? 

Stereo files for stereo sources are preferred for drum overheads, pianos, etc (but not guitars), but a pair of mono files are fine as long as they’re clearly labelled L & R. Files should be at their original sample rate and 24- or 32-bit. (64-bit is accepted for mastering.)

What bit rate should I be Recording at? 

Record all your material as 24bit or higher. The increased dynamic range counters any gain structure issues during the recording process while still retaining a low noise floor and high resolution. Bringing a fader down 6db is in effect the same as loosing 1 bit of resolution.

What's the best level to record at to give us the best mix? 

Try not to go past -3dbfs when recording, in fact I tend to use -6dbfs as a maximum. There’s no need to go higher than this in the digital realm. Leave the loudness war to be fought by the mastering engineer!

Do you re-amp guitar & bass tones, and whats the best way to capture a clean DI? 

Yes in some cases I will - but only if I think they will suit the clients brief and make the mix better. When supplying unaffected clean/DI guitar tracks to be re-amped, please ensure you have used some sort of Hi impedance instrument DI as opposed to a line input. Most audio interfaces have an instrument input. The re-amping process can get noisy if the signal is not recorded properly.

Should I send my tracks with plugins on them or not? 

When exporting or bouncing tracks from your DAW, ensure that all plugins, EQs etc are bypassed and that the faders are at unity/0db (unless there are clipping problems). Please also ensure mono files remain as mono files and are not accidentally bounced to stereo files. If any effects/plugins are essential to a track, please print (bounce to audio file) them to separate track, but please send an unprocessed version as well. 

Can we send you are midi files to use with software instruments we've chosen? 

Yes of course. Supply MIDI files for any instrument you like, including piano's, drums, bass.  


We have some information about tempo and the sample rate of the tracks, what the best way to get this info to you? 

Just include a text file with BPM (if recorded to metronome), project sample rate and any notes you wish, then send this to chris@chrisedkins.com 

We really like some plugins we've used on our rough mix, can we still use them in your mix?

Generally speaking, dry tracks are always best and are preferred. But yes you can supply both with and without effects as long as they’re labelled clearly.

How do we know our project will line up in your DAW properly? 

After exporting your session properly and your finished up with labelling your multi-tracks, open a blank project, load all of the files and make sure they are what you expected.​